Intensive Course Prices







We offer our Intensive Driving Courses and Driving Lessons at very competitive rates. We run regular special offer promotions. We may not offer the cheapest driving lessons but our unique Capital Driving System, and our highly experienced driving instructors can help to reduce the overall cost of aquiring a driving licence. Our pupils tend to learn quickly and our pass rates are exceptional.

We do not offer very cheap driving lessons then spend most of the driving lesson sitting at the road-side. Every lesson with us will be tailored to your strengths and areas to be improved. Each and every lesson plan will be carefully considered and planned accordingly. You will drive on each and every lesson. Theory and discussion will be kept to a minimum.

We often hear reports that some driving schools do not allow their pupils to drive on the first and sometimes even their second driving lesson. This is a travesty to us. A driving lesson is about driving the car, not trying to save money on fuel and running costs. Some special offers promoted by driving schools may not be as special as you think. You have been warned.

We offer a discount to all new drivers and those with minimal experience. Anything cheaper would not be economically viable.

Delay no more.

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