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You’ve now decided to learn to drive! So many options. So many possibilities. We are the boys and girls to turn to. We can provide you with Driving Lessons in Edinburgh, Driving Lessons in West Lothian, and Driving Lessons in East Lothian. No matter how you want to learn to drive- we can arrange it for you.

Our Driving Instructors are all fully qualified, and DSA approved, and follow our client centred learning system.

As one of Edinburgh’s largest driving schools we can teach you no matter where you live in Edinburgh. We can even cover most towns surrounding the city. We have numerous professional driving instructors and can provide female instructors if required.

Our instructors understand the unique road and traffic conditions faced on Edinburgh’s roads. They have a complete understanding of both Edinburgh driving test centres and all relevant driving test routes. They will give you the opportunity to practice the driving test manoeuvres in the same areas used on the practical driving test. When you choose to learn to drive with us nothing will be left to chance.

Learn To Drive In Edinburgh

From one side of Edinburgh to the other, our road conditions change considerably. Our driving instructors will show you the best roads and areas to use if you choose to have additional driving lessons with friends and family. We want you to learn to drive as quickly as possible. We want you to spend as little as possible on driving lessons. We want you to tell your friends in Edinburgh about us.

We can also provide Intensive Driving Courses Edinburgh, and provide gift vouchers and various special offers. Call us today!

Driving Test Centres In Edinburgh

Depending on where you live in Edinburgh, there are two driving test centres to choose from.

Currie Driving Test Centre
13-15 Bryce Road,
City Of Edinburgh,
EH14 5LT

Musselburgh Driving Test Centre
Newhailes Industrial Estate,
Newhailes Road,
City Of Edinburgh,
EH21 6SJ

Top Tips For Driving In Edinburgh

You should be constantly on the lookout for the various speed limit signs when driving in Edinburgh. Unfortunately, many of the speed limit signs are very small and difficult to notice. As a general rule; if there are street lights and no speed limit signs then the speed limit should be 30mph. This one rule is very useful to remember. 40mph and 50mph roads will always have various signs at regular intervals along the road. 60mph roads are normally rural roads and rarely have street lights, again speed limit signs are few and far between. By following these rules you should always know the speed limit for any road in Edinburgh.

Another major concern for driving in Edinburgh are the prevalence of road works throughout the city. Edinburgh is one of the most heavily congested cities in the UK and the constant road works are a main contributing factor. Our advice is to choose your route wisely taking into account the time of time and current traffic conditions.

Overall, the roads in Edinburgh are fairly safe but route selection is imperative and should always match the drivers ability. You can always call us for advice before embarking on learning to drive with friends and family.

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