Not much time?

Would an Intensive Driving Course suit your situation?

How it works-

Intensive Driving Courses/Lessons are becoming more and more popular. Many of us lead busy lives and find it difficult or cumbersome to commit to driving lessons on a weekly basis. Some us are under pressure to get a driving licence quickly, employers and family circumstances, to name just a few situations. Others just want a driving licence and the freedom that creates as quickly as possible.

Whatever your situation, we can offer an intensive driving course to match your ambition.

Our Intensive Driving Courses can be taken over any period of time between one and six weeks.

In our experience, one week driving courses are most suitable for anyone who has driven a car previously, as the course is very intense. That is not to say that complete novices are prohibited from these courses. The choice is yours.

In addition we have a very high driving test pass rate for our courses.

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